howtoapplyApply in 3 Steps!

  1. Read the scholarship eligibility requirements to see if you meet the requirements.

  2. Review the application deadlines to find out when you should apply. You may submit one application with one scholarship selection, per study abroad program.

  3. Ensure you know what information must appear on your transcript and that you are certain of how to upload it to your application.

If you are participating in a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad program, you must apply on the application form accessible via your MyLearn account only.

About Your Transcript

All scholarship applicants must upload a transcript to their application. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted, however official transcripts may be requested should you be awarded a scholarship. Your uploaded transcript must be a PDF file. The transcript must also not exceed the 5MB file size capacity

Acceptable Transcripts:

  • Unofficial transcript

  • Official transcript

  • Student copy of an official transcript

  • Photocopy of an official transcript

  • Web transcript

Your transcript should clearly list the following:

  • The name of the college or university

  • Your full name (first and last)

  • Your cumulative GPA

  • Your declared major (for major-specific scholarships)

Good Advice

  • If you upload a large file and have a slow internet connection, you could experience technical difficulties. This is particularly true when the application deadline draws near or on the deadline day. Please compress/resize large files.

  • Failure to submit your transcript without required details will deem your application ineligible.

  • Ensure your uploaded transcript is legible.  If it is not, it will deem your application ineligible.

  • If you are in your first academic term of college (you are a freshman), you may upload your high school transcript.

  • Please plan to submit your application early. Don’t miss the deadline because of technical difficulties with your equipment/network or because of heavy traffic on the FGS site.

Scholarship applications which are received late, do not comply with the instructions, or are incomplete will be deemed ineligible for an FGS scholarship.

How to upload your transcript to your application

  • Scan your transcript onto your computer or USB and save it as a PDF file. This is the only accepted file format. When you scan your document, make sure you scan all pages, including front and back. You will need to save all pages into a single file.

  • Only files no greater than 5MB are accepted. In order for your transcript to upload properly, you may need to compress your file. You can compress a PDF file by opening it with the latest Adobe software and following these instructions:

    • Once you have opened the PDF file, go to “Document.”

    • Click on “Reduce File Size.”

    • You’ll see an option that says, “Make compatible with.”

    • Select “Retain existing” and click “OK.”

    • Save the reduced PDF file either using the same file name or another file name (i.e. with “compressed” in the name) and click “OK” to start compressing. This ensrues that the existing document is not harmed.

  • Do not upload more than one document to the upload field in the application. If you need to merge files to create one PDF, please follow these instructions:

    • Start Adobe Acrobat.

    • From the “File” menu, choose “Create PDF,” then choose “From Multiple Files.”

    • A new dialog box opens so that you can add the files you want to combine. Click the “Browse” button, navigate to each file, and click the “Add” button to select it.

    • When you have listed all the files to be included, use the “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons to rearrange the order of the files or the “Remove” button to delete a particular file. After you upload your document, preview the page to make sure that you uploaded the correct transcript and that the pages are legible. If not, re-scan the page, save again, remove the file in the Upload Page, and upload the re-scanned document.

Got Questions?

Please click here for commonly asked questions and the answers you’re seeking.